Book of Mormon North American Evidence

Here are some resources to some recently revealed, formerly hidden or misunderstood secrets of the former people of North America. Some you will find very surprising.

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Most Americans have no idea that advanced cities once dotted the ancient North American landscape (Ancient cities and burial mounds. Over 200,000 total count).

“Very very few of us were conscious of the immensity of a place Monks Mound, Cahokia, opposite Saint Louis, which is bigger in its footprint than the Great Pyramid of Giza. We didn’t know that”

“The knowledge embedded in these earthworks and encoded in the structure is anything but primitive. It’s remarkable.” (Maximum Northern Moonset, Maximum Northern Moonrise, Maximum Southern Moonrise, Maximum Southern Moonset, Minimum southern Moonset)

“What I’ve learned now is just how amazing they were in terms of their knowledge of the solar system and of mathematics.”

“Artifacts of iron were found, artifacts of hardened copper, stone tablets with writing, regular farmers just plowing their fields would really turn up literally bushel baskets of arrowheads, spear points etc. (Copper Hopewell axes taken from Russell Naples Mound #8 [Zelph Mound] Dated 250 A.D. + or – 100 years, State Archaeologist of Illinois, 1979-87). These things were common place. (Hopewell Civilization — 300 B.C. to 400 A.D.) Some people such as Caleb Atwater and Squire and Davis, they believed the artifacts they were finding that were on these mounds, cities and earthen structures, that this was representative of and advanced civilization.”

“The science of archeology was really in its infancy at that time. There were only a few people using what we would consider to be even remotely modern methods.”

According to the Journal of the Ohio Historical Society, “No subject received more attention, or stirred more controversy among archeologists in the nineteenth century, than the authenticity and presumed meaning of the engraved stone tablets that were periodically recovered from the mounds.” — Ohio History, volume 107, Scholarly Journal of the Ohio Historical Society.

“And there are various things fueling these. There were religious, political and social agendas.”

“The Doctrine of Manifest Destiny allowed the United States Government to classify the Native Americans as ‘Savages’ by their terminology. And by calling them ‘Savages’ that would allow them to push them aside and claim basically their lands as America expanded in the westward direction.”

“Politically it would have been impossible for them to have taken lands away from Indians or any indigenous peoples if they viewed the as having rights even close to what they had as American citizens.”

“Manifest Destiny, the idea that American First Nations had never achieved anything worth preserving, has resulted in the wanton destruction of thousands and thousands of earth constructions, mounds, embankments, figures and settlements.”

“Science (of the day) did tell them that there were certain races that were superior and some that were inferior.”

“We would say that’s bad science, where you want to discount information because it kind of doesn’t fit what you think you see. And what you see, is what people saw at the time were these ‘Savages’ who were in this pitiful state.”
Glen Beck tells his viewer to not believe him but to do your own homework. If you are a truth seeker, you will find some hidden gems that perhaps you haven’t been exposed to before.

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Highlights of the video:
Lost Civilizations of America –
The angle of the pyramid of Giza 51.8 degrees.
Angle going through American site.

In 1860 Newark Earthworks – David Wyrick (
Found wooden coffin made of oak.
Inside a skeleton, also a box 8.10 inches in size cemented shut in Ohio.
Little black stone inside, a picture of a man carrying something. Writing looked like some kind of Hebrew. Rabbis said it was an old kind of block Hebrew rendition of The Ten Commandments.
At the time is was possibly a hoax.

In early 1900 in Israel they found the same kind of block Hebrew.

Another stone was found, the Batcreek Stone in the Smithsonian. It was published upside down and put in the basement.
Many years later, a scholar found it and read it as Phoenician, ancient Hebrew. (

Lost Civilizations of America –

History of America was distorted.
Author Dr. Peter Lillback “Sacred Fire” and President of Providence Forum.
Book of George Washington
History of America was changed.

William Penn, a city without walls. Original Justice and Ethics with the Native Americans.

Stylometry Or Wordprints

If you like statistics, you’ll love digging into this. What are the odds….?

Stylometry (also called wordprints) is used to determine authorship to anonymous or disputed writings. It has legal, academic and literary uses. It has been used in the authorship of Shakespeare’s works, the Federalist Papers etc. and often used in court.

This technique was first used on the Book of Mormon in the late 1970’s and published in 1980 under the paper titled “Who Wrote the Book of Mormon?” Was it Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith, Jr. or Solomon Spaulding or none of the above? A nice statistical who done it.

It was ground breaking. It compellingly showed that the different authors listed in the Book of Mormon did not have the same word patterns and the patterns indicated Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith Jr. and Solomon Spaulding were not the authors. However, it was not able to withstand 100% critical analysis but much of the work held valid.

In 2002 John Hilton and associates at Berkley relied on a more sophisticated pattern method. Their work has passed peer review. Using their method they were also successful at identifying non Book of Mormon authorship.

Here are the basic results in a nut shell. The two books withing the Book of Mormon (Nephi and Alma, ancient American prophets) actually are written by different authors or one in a trillion chance of being the same.

The odds that Joseph Smith wrote Alma are 1 in 40,000. The odds that Joseph wrote Nephi are way over 1 in a quintillion (precisely less than 2.7 x 10-20 that goes like this, million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion).

The other potential authors tested were Oliver Cowdery or Solomon Spaulding.

Conclusion = Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery and Solomon Spaulding are not the authors of the two books tested within the Book of Mormon. This may provide evidence enough for you to conduct your own discovery.
Below is John Hilton himself. Below that is the link for even more information on the details

The Book of Mormon is True.

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In the early 1980’s I got a copy of the Iroquois “Great Law of Peace” through an inter-library loan. It was not easy for the librarian to find and obtain. The photocopy was rough.

The Great Law of Peace was recognized by Benjamin Franklin and other founding fathers of the United States. They saw the Federation of the Iroquois Nations and wanted to gain strength to defend themselves from the oppression of the British. It is a shame that it is not taught in our schools that Ancient American people passed principles to the Native Americans which helped freedom to grown in this land. The historical connection in most educational curriculum is lost. Here is a little of the restored information:

This excerpt is from the book “The Iroquois Book of the Great Law” by Arthur C. Parker
published in 1916.

According to tradition, Dekanawida, born of a virgin mother came and established the Great Peace among warring tribes. He also gave them a constitution, providing for a system of government which is remarkable as perhaps the earliest constitution providing for checks and balances of power among various groups. The name of the place mentioned as the birthplace of Dekanahwideh was called Kah-ha-nah-yenh. … The mother dreamed that she saw a man whom she did not know, and then he said that he appeared as a messenger to her.

“I am here to deliver to you a message. I will tell you what has happened. It is the wish of the Creator that she should bear a child, when you will see the male child you shall call him Dekanahwideh. The reason you shall give him that name is because this child will reveal to men beings the Good Tidings of Peace and Power from Heaven, and the Great Peace shall rule and govern on earth. …The messenger answered and said: “His mission is for peace and life to the people both on earth and in heaven.”

The child grew up rapidly, and when he had become a young man he said: “The time has come when I should begin to perform my duty in this world. .. “I am Dekanahwideh, so named because my virgin mother dreamed that it should be so and no one else shall ever be named by this name.” “What brought you here to us,” asked the speaker. So then Dekanahwideh answered, “The Great Creator from whom we all are descended sent me to establish the Great Peace among you. No longer shall you kill one another and nations shall cease warring upon each other. Such things are entirely evil and he, your Maker, forbids it. Peace and comfort are better than war and misery for a nation’s welfare.” (Parker 1916, p.15)

(Dekanahwideh comes to the lodge of Adodarhoh)
When he [Dekanahwideh] finished his song he walked toward Adodarhoh and held out his hand to rub it on his body and to know its inherent strength and life. Then Adodarhoh was made straight and his mind became healthy. When Adodarhoh was made strong in rightful powers and his body had been healed, Dekanahwideh addressed the three nations. He said, “We have now overcome a great obstacle. It has long stood in the way of peace. The mind of dordarhoh is now made right and his crooked parts are made straight. Now indeed may we establish the Great Peace.”

“Before we do firmly establish our union each nation must appoint a certain number of its wisest and purest men who shall be rulers. They shall be the advisers of the people and make the new rules that may be needful. These men shall be selected and confirmed. Then calling each chief to him he said: “I now place antlers on your head as an emblem of your power. Your old garments are torn off and better robes are given. You must be patient and henceforth work in unity. Never consider your own interests but work to benefit the people and for generations not yet born. You have pledged yourselves to govern yourself by the laws of the great peace. All your authority shall come from it.”

There are many artifacts scattered in different collections all across North America. Much is available to those who seek.

If you want to read an amazing document that will more images of Christ in America, click below.

Christ In America


Evidence exists among Native American cultures and their artifacts that Jesus Christ visited America.  It is surprising how much exists and has been ignored, swept aside or hidden through the ages.  It hasn’t been fashionable to promote Christ or that The Book of Mormon is true.

A book written by L. Taylor Hansen 45 years ago chronicles much evidence gathered.  The author died 33 years ago.  The publisher was kind enough to send me a partial autobiography of L. Taylor Hansen.  Born before the turn of the century, she was inducted into the Ojibway (Chippewa) tribe with blood rites because she sought justice for the tribe from a horrible agency doctor.  As a college student the subject of Indian Legends for a paper was approved by the instructor.  It was then that the Legend of The White Prophet was learned.  At the time it was disregarded as a garbled memory of early missionary instructions.  Ten years later her lifelong gathering effort took place.

Here are some excerpts from the book “He Walked The Americas.”  You draw your own conclusions.  The book is not widely available so if you can’t find it, the publisher information is: Ray Palmer, Legend Press, 9533 Clinton Rd., Amherst, WI 54406,

Legends of the Healer, saintly white teacher, who performed miracles with healing and control over the winds, waters, and other natural items. All describe his eyes as gray-green like the ocean and told stories of the future. His symbol has been woven into blankets, carved on canyon walls, put on pottery and danced in dances. His name has been given to mountains and rivers.

When the University of Oklahoma was digging the Spiro Mound, they found mush pottery showing winged beings singing, and also the hand with the cross through the palm. To them, He was known as Chee-Zoos, the Dawn God, and they whisper of Him about the campfires when no white man can listen. To quote the book, “The love they bear Him is beyond measurement, for well they know He watches over them, and that when their journey here is over, He will meet them in the Land of Shadows, for such was His sacred promise.

*An interesting story told in the book is about the Great Mound Builders, Dakota  (the last high priest of extinct Elks, translated and recorded by Walter Pidgeon around 1850) described them as tribes that spoke the Algonquin ~ Haudenosaunee language and they were the Ancients of the country. According to him, these mounds marked the sites of cities. They were a type of writing that recorded history. They were to be read from the inside out and one had a history longer than London. The mounds were thought to have been covered by wood and painted as the Mayans had done. It was here too that the Prophet with his gray-green eyes and golden sandals came. They tell He was the “Great White Robed Master.

In the Spiro Mound in Oklahoma, they found the symbol of the hand with the “T” cross through its center. As aforementioned, this is where they found the pottery with the winged beings. In the Indian Mound of Pittsfield was found three pages of parchment, and according to the author, they are in “old Harvard.

One these pages were supposed to be quotations, written in Archaic Hebrew, from the Old Testament. About 8 miles southeast of Newark, the father of Bancroft, the Native American recorder of untold legends, claimed to have the only stone pictograph of the Prophet. About His head, again in ancient Hebrew were written the Ten Commandments.

Quoting the author….”His hair and beard are well pictured as well as His flowing toga. It was a small stone, highly polished, an inch and a half thick, eight inches long, four inches on one end to three on the other. This had been placed in a casket completely watertight, and many feet above it was the burial of the Indian high priest. How many other mounds have been plowed and leveled, and their contents scattered which the Red Men held as holy, planting trees of the sacred cedar upon them to keep them safe through two millennia?

True, the invasion of the Serpents from perhaps 700 AD onward, coming up the Mississippi in their long snake-painted dugouts, carrying their sacred fire, brought an end to peaceful living, brought with them war and pillage and the priesthood of the Sacrificers.  Yet they turned away from the hills of cedar, seeing the symbols of the Healer.

*The Pawnee tell of a Prophet who taught them of His Father, “The Mighty Holy of the Heavens.” He warned them not to forget what they were taught by Him, and when they would return to warfare, they often thought about how He taught them that “war but breeds more carnage.” He had also told them about the white men coming. They remember Him as Paruxti and His Father was Tirawa.

The Pawnee claim the Prophet visited them twice, the second time was out of anger. As the story goes, some young men of the Pawnee had gotten together a secret league to attack merchants and make “war” on them. One night the Pawnee was by the Mississippi River and came across a camp of worn out merchants. The merchants had not been aware these young Pawnees had returned to the old ways and thought they were safe. One of the young merchants had stated that he was sad he never got to see the Dawn God. But they smoked the Peace Pipe and went to sleep.

The wild Pawnee then attacked, forced the merchants to carry their own goods back to the bandits’ camp. They had a wild night, dancing, yelling and preparing the two men for a sacrifice to the Fire god. One old man protested, pointed to the east where the Morning Star was beginning to rise. But no one paid attention to him and carried on what they were doing. One of the prisoners was already dead and the other was dying. The Pawnee stated, “Let Him come and revive these men! That would be much better magic than stopping a wind storm or walking on water!

At the point, the eastern sky lit up with fire, clouds reflecting the fire ever brighter. Everyone turned toward the brightened sky and stopped in their tracks. Suddenly there He was among them! They say He shined with a strange radiance, each hair of His head luminescent, a weird glow rippling from His garments and His sea-colored eyes flashing with lightning. He stood staring at the wild Pawnees.

He asked them if this was how they kept His commandments, insulting the Father. “I came to shield you from His anger, or lo, great wind would ignite the forest! And to ashes would be consigned the Pawnee Nation!

At this point, the prisoner that was still alive called to Chee-Zoos and asked to be released. The Healer told the man he was free and to walk from the fire. Those who were watching saw the man stumble toward the Healer. When he had touched the Healer’s robe, the man straightened up and didn’t have a mark on him from the fire. The Healer turned to the dead man, telling him that he wasn’t yet for the Land of the Shadows. The fire died away and the blackened body stirred. The Healer told him to rise up. The man rose up and was completely healed.

This story is still told sometimes by the elders at the fireside during the winter evenings.

*The “Algonquin of the Eastern Seaboard” tell they received their name for the Dawn Light from the Pale One. They wouldn’t name the Prophet as He had asked them to do. They wanted to know what He was called where He grew up and He told them a name that was strange and hard to say. But they tried hard to say it: Chee-Zoos, God of the Dawn Light, basically the same as the Puants.

*The Chippewa remember very well the “pale Great Master.” They tell He gave them medicine lodges where the signs and emblems are secret and taken from those across the ocean. And according to the author, they keep this secret to this day.

*The Dakota (Sioux) say He gave them their rite of baptism and purification, also many of their lodges. They remember Him talking about the coming of the white man and many other predictions. “We have backslid from His teachings, but to Him we dance the Sun Dance. We remember Great Wakona well. (Speaker not identified.)

*The Prophet was always called the Feathered Serpent or Eeseecotl among the Algonquians. They tell that He always wore a long white toga, with black crosses embroidered along the bottom, and had golden sandals. Every new town He would arrive in would have a new garment waiting for Him. They would keep the old ones, treasuring them, saying that to touch them would bring healing. During the visits He would train twelve disciples, with one to be their leader, who would take His place when He left to “go about My Father’s Business.” After He would leave, the grieving people would carve His sign upon the walls of canyons-a hand with a T cross in it.

*While visiting the Chinooks, the Prophet pointed to a plain laying below them, stating that He saw through the cycles of time a great city spread across this plain, named Tacomah. It was to be a white man’s city. The Chinooks were confused as to why the white man would name a city after Him, Tla-acomah. He explained that they would use the name of the mountain named after Him, but they would not understand the meaning of the name.

*In August of 1918, the chief of the Chippewa (East of Lake Huron to the mountains of Montana), Dark Thunder, once was talking with a college student whom the tribe had affectionately adopted. He, the student, had learned to look through the tribal eyes on the reservation, as the Ancient Ones and keepers of the Olden Knowledge.

He was bearded, and pale of feature-without doubt a White Man. His eyes were as gray-green as still green water, and just as changeable in their color. He came to us one day at dawning and the light touched His hair with the sheen or red-gold until it shone like newly-mined copper. Yet He was not as the men of your people. This one was a god, with high soul-stature. If He touched a man who was wounded, that one became healed.

His robe was long and white down to the hemline which almost hid His golden sandals.  He came alone. He organized the churches, changed the temples, taught the priesthood. Some say He taught them a secret language with certain signs of greeting. I know not.  The student was new to the lore, but he found out quickly that 13 was the number of the Prophet, twelve disciples plus Him, and eight and five were also important.

*In Mexico, on an island known as Triburon, lives the Seri. These peoples have long lived in poverty and neglect; however, their memories of the Ancient Prophet live on with great memory.

“Tlazoma,” the Miracle Worker, came to them.  They say Tlazoma lived with them for many months teaching them not only the ways of living right, but also ways on how to survive, such as how to store water, how to feed weaned children and showed them many wild plant they had not known could be eaten. Before this time they had used a “population control” method in order to not run out of food, now the Prophet spoke against this law saying “Raise not the knife in bloody slaughter.

Eventually the time came for Tlazoma to leave and continue o his journey. He spoke to them of going to the Papago. Yet the people exclaimed these were their enemies and begged Him not to go there. But He claimed that His Father had many different lodges. And He was asked about where He had come from as He had never said. And very gently the Bearded One answered, “My Father’s Land lies deep within you.

* A Yaqui chieftain known as Tall Sedillo spoke of ancient ways freely, probably due to the fact he knew that he would not live much longer.  He was a man very holy, filled with love, yet His heart was heavy; for in spite of all the honors of the people, the Lord had laid strange visions on Him. His eyes could see the future. It must be so. For as He predicted, all that He spoke of has happened.

Welcoming Him with open temples, the Yaqui streamed to meet the Healer. The women competed to weave Him mantles, to embroider the crosses about the hemline, and the men to fashion new golden sandals, knowing that He would leave the old ones, strangely enchanted because of His wearing, a touch of which would heal the body.

For Him they stopped all sacrificing. Instead, they used but fruits and flowers to fill their temples, and then placed them on their tables, even as He directed. Indeed we still try to follow His teaching, although often it is not easy, and many are the times we have turned from Him to use the rougher ways of the Serpent, yet we know that we are doing wrong.

The baptismal? Yes. It was the Prophet who taught this. The godfather and godmother with their names of kinship; all must last for the life of the infant.


The first pages of The Book of Mormon start in Jerusalem at around 600 B.C. before it was destroyed and the people taken captive or killed.  Lehi, a prophet of God, was warned to take his family into the wilderness to escape destruction.

He shortly was commanded to return and convince Ishmael and his family to join them in the wilderness.  They traveled near the Red Sea at times.  After a period of time Ishmael died.

The Book of Mormon records in First Nephi 16:34   “And it came to pass that Ishmael died, and was buried in the place which was called Nahom.”

Early critics of the Book of Mormon scoffed and claimed that Joseph Smith had fabricated the book or delusional or inspired by the devil.  Now, we can clearly see from this evidence indicates that he was not making things up or delusional.  You must discover if Joseph Smith was inspired by God or the devil.  In the New Testament, read James chapter 1:5 to know how to get real answers.

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