The Book of Mormon Is True will share facts that have been obscured, hidden or suppressed. There is so much information available that supports the truth of The Book of Mormon.

Mormon was one of the last believers of Christ on the North American continent before the continent fell into its Dark Age.

Ancient civilizations have risen and fallen in all ages and all continents. What makes the American continent different is that the ancient history has been preserved and brought forth by miracles of God. Joseph Smith was chosen just as ancient prophets like Moses, Samuel and John the Baptist to do His work in this age.

Just as many prophets of old, he was loved by many and hated by many and eventually killed because of the threats he posed.

He was not killed before he translated The Book of Mormon and helped re-establish The Church of Jesus Christ with the fullness of the gospel and the authority and ancient priesthood powers to help save mankind from the fall of Adam, sin and darkness.

There is no greater need in our lives than finding and incorporating all truth.