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In the early 1980’s I got a copy of the Iroquois “Great Law of Peace” through an inter-library loan. It was not easy for the librarian to find and obtain. The photocopy was rough.

The Great Law of Peace was recognized by Benjamin Franklin and other founding fathers of the United States. They saw the Federation of the Iroquois Nations and wanted to gain strength to defend themselves from the oppression of the British. It is a shame that it is not taught in our schools that Ancient American people passed principles to the Native Americans which helped freedom to grown in this land. The historical connection in most educational curriculum is lost. Here is a little of the restored information:

This excerpt is from the book “The Iroquois Book of the Great Law” by Arthur C. Parker
published in 1916.

According to tradition, Dekanawida, born of a virgin mother came and established the Great Peace among warring tribes. He also gave them a constitution, providing for a system of government which is remarkable as perhaps the earliest constitution providing for checks and balances of power among various groups. The name of the place mentioned as the birthplace of Dekanahwideh was called Kah-ha-nah-yenh. … The mother dreamed that she saw a man whom she did not know, and then he said that he appeared as a messenger to her.

“I am here to deliver to you a message. I will tell you what has happened. It is the wish of the Creator that she should bear a child, when you will see the male child you shall call him Dekanahwideh. The reason you shall give him that name is because this child will reveal to men beings the Good Tidings of Peace and Power from Heaven, and the Great Peace shall rule and govern on earth. …The messenger answered and said: “His mission is for peace and life to the people both on earth and in heaven.”

The child grew up rapidly, and when he had become a young man he said: “The time has come when I should begin to perform my duty in this world. .. “I am Dekanahwideh, so named because my virgin mother dreamed that it should be so and no one else shall ever be named by this name.” “What brought you here to us,” asked the speaker. So then Dekanahwideh answered, “The Great Creator from whom we all are descended sent me to establish the Great Peace among you. No longer shall you kill one another and nations shall cease warring upon each other. Such things are entirely evil and he, your Maker, forbids it. Peace and comfort are better than war and misery for a nation’s welfare.” (Parker 1916, p.15)

(Dekanahwideh comes to the lodge of Adodarhoh)
When he [Dekanahwideh] finished his song he walked toward Adodarhoh and held out his hand to rub it on his body and to know its inherent strength and life. Then Adodarhoh was made straight and his mind became healthy. When Adodarhoh was made strong in rightful powers and his body had been healed, Dekanahwideh addressed the three nations. He said, “We have now overcome a great obstacle. It has long stood in the way of peace. The mind of dordarhoh is now made right and his crooked parts are made straight. Now indeed may we establish the Great Peace.”

“Before we do firmly establish our union each nation must appoint a certain number of its wisest and purest men who shall be rulers. They shall be the advisers of the people and make the new rules that may be needful. These men shall be selected and confirmed. Then calling each chief to him he said: “I now place antlers on your head as an emblem of your power. Your old garments are torn off and better robes are given. You must be patient and henceforth work in unity. Never consider your own interests but work to benefit the people and for generations not yet born. You have pledged yourselves to govern yourself by the laws of the great peace. All your authority shall come from it.”

There are many artifacts scattered in different collections all across North America. Much is available to those who seek.

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